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Poisson Distribution/ uniform dist.

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    I am in an error analysis class and our homework has asked us this (we will be writing a computer program to do this):

    "Create a sample with 396 draws from a Poisson distribution with N=1000 and 4 draws from the uniform distribution between 0 and 105. This sample represents data from a CCD with just 1% bad pixels. Calculate the mean and median of the sample and put the result in your homework file in comments. Which is closer to N?"

    I don't really understand what this means. Specifically, I don't get what the 4 draws from the uniform distribution between 0 and 105 means. Is the second part something separate? Or am I pulling something from the original poisson distribution? I guess, is this two samples or one? I'm just so confused I don't get it.

    Can someone just dumb down what this is asking me?
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    It seems to mean that you sample 396 items from the first (Poisson) distribution and 4 items separately form the second (uniform between 0 and 105, or uniform between 0 and 1 and multiply by 105) distribution. Now mix the samples together to finish the exercise.
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