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Poll: Have you ever seen a UFO, alien or cosmic object?

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    Personally, I'm horrified at how many people seem to be claiming to have seen UFOs/other magical objects... the education system has really let people down.
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    What do they mean by "cosmic object?" Like the moon? I should hope that is 100%.
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    I've seen one terrestrial object
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    ive seen many ufo's - so what? just because i cant translate what i saw does not make it 'special'.
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    I noticed it late one night,about ten years ago,when I was standing outside my house.It was very bright, orangey coloured and cigar shaped.It seemed to vibrate slightly about a fixed position and it occasionally fired out orange coloured streamers.The next night,when I was sober,it had changed into a street light.
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    I was asking if anyone has seen things like comets, asteroids or interstellar debris. I think I had seen a small rock through my telescope that would qualify as interstellar derbis. I saw a UFO when I was in ninth grade. It had a square shaped dome with an antenna and a saucer. I think it was a UFO because it looked very unusual and was hovering just two miles above the ground. It also resembled classic UFO claims. This was sighting occured in northern Ohio.
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    One morning I was playing golf in New England, USA and I saw what looked to be a meteor streaming through the atmosphere. I saw it way off on the horizon as a fireball and within one minute it went over my head with a huge stream of smoke behind. At the time I was unsure if it would impact the ground and vaporize me, but it turned out to be a Russian satellite burning up.
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    As a 9th grader, how did you calculate the distance above the ground? Also, how did you make out the shape of the dome from that distance? If it's that far above you, one would think seeing the top of the object is difficult.

    But, I'm still interested in what calculations you performed to determine the distance above the ground.
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    It may have been shorter than two miles. I was scootering near a mainroad, which was fairly distant from where I live. From where I stood detail could was very clear.
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