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DNA polymerase lambda, also known as Pol λ, is an enzyme found in all eukaryotes. In humans, it is encoded by the POLL gene.

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  1. DennisN

    Music Vote: Which musical artist would you choose?

    I saw a pretty fun question on Facebook regarding nine deceased musical artists. This poll is simply about which artist of these you would by a ticket to a concert with, if you could. You can only choose one! The artists are (left to right, top to bottom): Bob Marley, Prince, David Bowie...
  2. Fervent Freyja

    Poll for men on receiving flowers

    For males: What would you think if a woman/man sent you a rose & little love note?
  3. Q

    I What is the current perspective on quantum interpretation?

    Back in the day, there were a few Quantum Interpretation polls on here, as of late I have not seen any. I love that we now have a sub-forum for Foundations discussions. I figured it would be interesting to see how the participants of PhysicsForums feel about the different interpretations these...
  4. bagasme

    Poll: Soccer Cup Matches with Viewers' Votes

    Hello all, In talent competition (such as GotTalent), acts that would be advanced to next rounds (and eventually winners), are determined entirely by viewers' votes (either via telephone, SMS, or affiliated applications. I wish the similar mechanism can be used into soccer matches (especially...
  5. DennisN

    VOTE PF Favorite Movies Poll 2 - SF, Fantasy, Comedy & Western

    Hi, and welcome to the Physics Forums favorite movies poll 2! (the first poll is here) Rules and notes: Please vote here for your 5 favorite movies in the categories Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy & Western. Please note that this is a multiple votes poll, and that your votes should reflect...
  6. DennisN

    VOTE PF Favorite Movies Poll 1 - Drama, Thriller & Action

    Welcome to the Physics Forums favorite movies poll 1! (the second poll is here) Rules and notes: Please vote here for your 5 favorite movies in the categories Drama, Thriller & Action. Please note that this is a multiple votes poll, and that your votes should reflect the movies you like the...
  7. DennisN

    Suggestion Increase the number of options in poll?

    Hi! I was about to start a poll with 39 choices, but it seems the forum system allows max 20. Is it possible to increase the number of poll options, perhaps? To 40 or 50, perhaps? The reason I ask is because I and other PF'ers would like to vote on 39 nominated movies. For more info, please...
  8. DennisN

    PF's favorite movies poll - nominations

    Hi movielovers of PF! I just had an idea. After having participated and read posts of others in these two recent movie threads... http://www.physicsforums.com/threads/movie-classics-that-totally-escape-me.976678/...
  9. A

    MHB Maximize chance of success based on opinion poll

    Hi, Here is my (imaginary) problem : I have to make a medical diagnosis for a patient : is he A or B ? I can not make inspection of the patient, and my only help is a poll of N medical experts that observed him. Out of N experts, the track records for their past diagnoses are different...
  10. B

    How does the FDA regulate the safety of monosodium glutamate?

    How safe is monosodium glutamate in your opinion?
  11. ISamson

    What is the most popular social media? Poll

    Please vote what social media accounts you have and use in my poll. I was always interested in what social media is the most popular, and want to experiment in the small community of PF. You can choose multiple from: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp, Youtube, Google+, Pinterest...
  12. F

    Poll: Database Mini Project of an Ancient Civilization -- Which One to Choose?

    Hello everyone! So, this is my varsity project to create a mini database. Since I love history and geography, I've thought to come up with that. So, I thought to do a project on an ancient civilization or similar.. I googles and found out top 10 civilizations: 10. The Incas Civilization 9...
  13. S

    Do you currently own a cat or a dog? A PF poll

    Hi everyone! I thought I do a fun poll on pet ownership among PF members -- specifically, do you currently own dog(s) or cat(s), or both, or neither. I've always wondered what the distribution of "dog people" vs "cat people" among PF members, so I thought I'd ask all of you. The poll is open...
  14. ISamson

    ESP8266 or MKR1000: Which One Should You Choose? A Poll on IoT Projects

    I have been interested in IoT projects lately and would like to purchase either a MKR100 or ESP8266. I would like to conduct a poll on this and hear some opinions. Thank you. Moderators: please note that this thread is very similar to my previous one...
  15. ISamson

    Poll: Will AI mark the end of humans and Earth?

    Do you think AI will lead to the end of humanity, Earth, or help us colonise the Universe and prosper? Will technology and robots kill us all? I found the interest in posting this poll after reading some quotes from Stephen Hawking on the topic. Poll. Thank you.
  16. ISamson

    What is the Most Preferred Electronics Board Among Users?

    Hello. I was always interested in what is the most preferred electronics board (Arduino, RasPi...) among the people. Let's find out!
  17. J

    Poll of Polls: Examining Margin of Error & Combining Polls

    If each individual poll has a margin of error, when you combine all the polls, why do they say poll of polls has no margin of error? Shouldn't the margin of error get multiplied when you combine many polls?
  18. S

    A (possibly controversial) poll question on marriage

    I thought I'd pose this (possibly controversial) poll question on marriage. It is my own personal opinion that no one (certainly no one living in an economically advanced, developed society like Canada, US, western Europe, Japan, Australia, etc.) should marry before the age of 25. My argument...
  19. fresh_42

    I PF Poll: Who Bets on SUSY Solution?

    Today I was watching some videos which were posted here on PF. E.g. a long interview with Sir Roger Penrose on CCC. That made me ask, how are the current theories supported by the members of PF. Is there a majority who would bet on a SUSY solution? So ...
  20. J

    Classical Poll on Thermodynamics/Statistical Physics books

    Hello! There are so many Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics books that people suggest, that I don't know which one to use in my upcoming undergraduate course. So, which one is your favorite? Thanks in advance!
  21. J

    Applied Mathematics for physicists books (poll)

    Hello, i want to get a mathematics book for physicists, and i have stumbled across some good books, but as i have not read them yet, i can't really decide which one to buy. So, which one do you prefer and why? Also, do you have any other book to recommend? Thanks!
  22. marcus

    A Poll: First quarter 2016 MIP (most important QG papers)

    Please indicate the papers you think will prove most significant for future Loop-and-allied QG research. The poll is multiple choice, so it's possible to vote for several. Abstracts follow in the next post. http://arxiv.org/abs/1603.08658 The Atoms Of Space, Gravity and the Cosmological...
  23. marcus

    A Poll: Fourth quarter 2015 MIP (most important QG papers)

    Please indicate the papers you think will prove most significant for future Loop-and-allied QG research. The poll is multiple choice, so it's possible to vote for several. Abstracts follow in the next post. http://arxiv.org/abs/1512.09010 Implications of Planck2015 for inflationary, ekpyrotic...
  24. collinsmark

    Poll: What utensil is proper to eat macaroni and cheese?

    Just curious to what others feel. Last time I used a fork. But on every attempt I always wonder if I'm missing something.
  25. marcus

    Poll: Third quarter 2015 MIP (most important QG papers)

    Indicate the papers you think will prove most significant for future Loop-and-allied QG research. The poll is multiple choice, so it's possible to vote for several. Abstracts follow in the next post. http://arxiv.org/abs/1509.08899 Generalized effective description of loop quantum cosmology...
  26. marcus

    POLL: How do you think of the Hubble rate?

    I'd like to find out how other members usually think of the Hubble rate, by preference and/or by habit. I was unsuccessful in creating a poll in Cosmology (no "add a poll" button) so I'm hoping this thread can be moved over there. Here are the options I could think of: 1. As a continuously...
  27. S

    Where do you consider yourself politically (Poll)

    Hi there! I wanted to ask this question about the basic political leanings of the members of PF forums. I will keep this poll open for 60 days, starting today.
  28. marcus

    Combined fourth quarter MIP poll (for most important QG papers)

    Indicate the papers you think will prove most significant for future Loop-and-allied QG research. The poll is multiple choice, so it's possible to vote for several. Abstracts follow in the next post. The poll format has been expanded so as to allow more candidates. I brought forward three that...
  29. jedishrfu

    Interstellar Movie Poll: Rate the Sci-Fi Epic

    There's been a lot of polarizing discussion on Interstellar with many people critical of the story, the science and the technology so I felt it would be good to launch a poll in the community. Up front, I have to say I liked the movie and plan to get a copy when it comes out. I know its not the...
  30. marcus

    First part of fourth quarter 2014 MIP poll

    The quarter is half over. I've assembled a list of ten potentially important papers which have appeared so far this quarter. Please help us evaluate them by indicating the ones you think will prove most significant for future Loop-and-allied QG research. The poll is multiple choice, so it's...
  31. micromass

    The Religion Poll - Part 2: Atheism

    Since over 70% did not affiliate with any religion, it would be nice to see what kind of atheists we have here. Here are the explanations of the different categories: http://commonsenseatheism.com/?p=6487
  32. Adjoint

    [Poll] Which Antivirus do you use?

    Let's see which antivirus is most popular among PF members. Vote for your favorite antivirus program and also share your comments. Give it a go!
  33. Hepth

    Poll : Your cats' sleeping habits?

    My wife and I are developing a small product in our spare time to sell on something like Etsy, for cats, and wanted to get a small sample poll of some simple sleeping habits of your cats. I hope this is OK to post here in GD. The link is ...
  34. L

    Poll: What type of person are you?

    I've met three different kinds of people in my life: breadboarders, PCBers, and theorists. Do you like to tinker (breadboarder) or are you more of a finished product type of person (PCBer)? Perhaps you're just satisfied knowing how something works (theorists)? Me? I can't help but notice...
  35. S

    Anticipating Apple: My Thoughts on iPhones, Innovations, and Investments

    I've never had an iPhone but I'm not too fonda my Samsung so I will probably go for the iPhone 6 next year. Might even get a 5c in the meantime. I also own Apple stock so I am wondering about things. I am expecting some nice things from Apple in the next year or two from an investors point...
  36. ZapperZ

    Career Poll 2: Matching Ambitions and Realities

    PLEASE READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE FIRST POST BEFORE MAKING YOUR SELECTION IN THIS POLLA few years ago, I did a career poll of people in this forum to see if they end up where they think they end up. I think the poll was a bit confusing, because I was trying to tackle too many things at once. I also...
  37. bohm2

    New Quantum Interpretation Poll

    A Snapshot of Foundational Attitudes Toward Quantum Mechanics http://lanl.arxiv.org/pdf/1301.1069.pdf
  38. Andre

    News Gallup Poll: 46% creationists in the U.S.

    This is a delicate thread and I definitely don't want to discuss E/C matters. I only wanted to give a heads up, informatively, that apparently only 15% of the Americans believe in evolution. http://www.gallup.com/poll/155003/hold-creationist-view-human-origins.aspx But it's a serious business...
  39. dkotschessaa

    Should We Take a Poll? - Get Feedback Now

    Should we take a poll?
  40. J

    Study Methods Poll for Upper Math.

    Browsing through the archives here, I have seen many, "how do you study for upper math?" threads. This is not so much one of those thread, but rather a poll question. When approaching a new subject in mathematics, do you... (a) Master the chapter first (this includes develop a deep...
  41. nicksauce

    A quick poll on a semantic matter

    You are at the center of a sphere, and there is no net gravitational force on you. Which of the following do you most agree with? **Assume you are a point particle**
  42. M

    Are We Truly Happy? Take the Happiness Poll Now!

    Hello, dudes! please, participate in my hapiness poll. the question is: are we (people) considered happy?
  43. marcus

    Nominations for 2nd quarter MIP poll: Loop+allied QG

    We have regular quarterly polls where you pick what you consider the most important research that has come out recently. Before 2012 it was limited to research PAPERS. So it was a MIP (most important paper) poll. This year we're trying a different system where we alternate papers (over the past...
  44. O

    News Is Recall the Solution for Inept or Disgraceful Government Officials?

    Just wondering how the Wisconsin recall election would go if it were held here in PF.
  45. quasar987

    Create a Poll: Easy Steps to Follow

    Well, never mind then! :P
  46. zoobyshoe

    Poll: The Ratio of Men to Women in Your Math/Science Classes

    It's my perception from random remarks that have been made here over the years that most people's math/science classes have been populated by a markedly higher proportion of men than women, and that interest in math/science dooms guys to a sort of involuntary monastic existence, as far as...
  47. N

    Quick Poll: Do you suffer from seasonal allergies?

    Just a poll as the title says, On the weather network poll, the split is nearly exactly 50/50 (delta is 150ish), on 16,000 votes! I was suprised to see that split, just want to see what happens here. Thanks for playing!
  48. J

    The greatest greatest physicist poll poll.

    The greatest "greatest physicist poll" poll. Which is your favorite.