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Polyethene used extensively in polyethene bags

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    in chemistry we studied that polyethene used extensively in polyethene bags in our country is a type of a thermosetting plastic...that is, its shapes etc can be changed by the application of heat

    now as materials is not my main subject area, i have no idea about this...but i was wondering that if we apply heat to it (in the absense of oxygen of course), and put some rigid material like aluminum bars in it, can we can a rigid, and relatively strong material?
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    Re: Polyethene

    Ummm, that would be a thermoplastic material.

    Yes and no. At lower temperatures it would have the strength of the plastic in some modes of deformation and of aluminum in other modes of deformation. At elevated temperature it would have all of the structural strength of taffy with aluminum (bars?) reinforcement.
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