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Insights Polymer Physics and Genetic Sequencing - Comments

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    jim mcnamara

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    That was interesting. I had read about nanopores a while back but it sounded kind of, um, "woo-woo" at that point, in terms any kind of practical use.

    Oops: enzyme sits atom a biological pore
    On the last page, I think you may mean atop rather than atom.

    Thanks for good article.
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    Mark Harder

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    Nice, Alex. Molecular dynamics simulation algorithms have been making great strides lately, and I don't believe it's beyond hope that DNA+solvent inside and outside a nanopore can now be modeled. For example, membrane proteins with lipid bilayers and water have been modeled. Or, at least on very short timescales (micro-s ?) they can. Have you used this modeling technique in your research? Has anyone?
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