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Popular Physics Conferences / Societies

  1. Apr 22, 2008 #1
    I'm a high school student but planning to partake in several Physics related societies in College. I also plan to visit at least one Physics conference during my high school career. The only one i've heard of is SPS which is "Society of Physics Students." However, that is only for college but I plan to join it as soon as I am in college. I've heard that American Physical Society holds one annually.

    Can anyone tell me of some Physics Societies? Also, can anyone note any popular conferences that are held in the US?
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    Hey, it's jumping the gun a bit to start planning to go to conferences now.... And how can you plan to join "several" physics societies without knowing even what organizations there are or what they do?

    You sound to me like you are padding your resume/college application. Don't do that. Just work hard on your studies and do things that you genuinely enjoy.
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    "You sound to me like you are padding your resume/college application. Don't do that. Just work hard on your studies and do things that you genuinely enjoy." No, i'm genuinely interested.

    Any one know any Physics socities?
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    Do well enough in college and you'll probably get into Sigma Pi Sigma, the physics honor society.

    As an SPS member, you will enjoy benefits of being a member of an affiliate to the AIP.

    Beyond that, I think you would want to look at some of the specialty science organizations once you know where your research interests and strengths lie.
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    The general society for practicing physicists in the USA is the American Physical Society (APS). Its big annual conference is the "March Meeting" which is held in a different city each year. The APS has divisions for various fields, some of which I think hold their own specialized conferences. There are also regional sections that cover various parts of the USA, and which hold their own conferences.

    There are also specialized societies for various sub-fields of physics, for example the American Vacuum Society, which hold their own conferences. Most or all of them (along with the APS) are under the umbrella of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). If you go to the AIP Web site you'll find a list somewhere.

    For students, there's the Society of Physics Students, which has chapters at most colleges and universities, and Sigma Pi Sigma which is an honorary society (invitation only). Most APS national or sectional conferences have events for SPS, I think.
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    Thanks for all the useful information!
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