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Positive solution for linear Diophantine equations

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    The linear Diophantine equations: ax+by=c, a,b,c is natural numbers.
    If c is a multiple of gcd(a,b), there is infinite integer solutions, and I know how to find x,y.
    However, I wonder how to find positive integer solution x,y only.
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    They may not exists. For example, the equation [itex]\,7x+6y=5\,[/itex] cannot have positive solutions, but it has

    solutions, like [itex]\,(5,-6)\,[/itex]

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    Shouldn't that be (5,-5)?
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    Yes, you're right of course. Thanks.

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    All solutions of the Diophantine equation ax+ by= c (assuming a, b, relatively prime) are of the form x= x0+ kb, y= y0- ka for k any integer. If you want both x and y positive, you must be able to choose k so that those are postive. Whether that is possible, of course, depends on a, b, x0, and y0.
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