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News Possible 2000 Presidential Election Fraud?

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    I came upon this video on youutbe about a man named clinton curtis testifying on vote-rigging software: [MEDIA=youtube]PrwToR2RpEI[/MEDIA][/URL]

    He seems to be very credible: [url]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clinton_Curtis[/url]

    I thought this is pretty shocking. just wondering why major news weren't covering this at the time.
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    Who knows but it's too late to change the election results of 2000.
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    What is shocking about this?

    Btw, "testify" implies a court - I'm guessing this is that mock court that was staged by conspiracy theorists a while back (you can't take a handheld video camera into a real court). Its an interview.
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    On the contrary, depositions are by definition testimony taken outside of court. But you're essentially right, what we have hear is the usual Congressional minority circle jerk getting together and deposing whatever crackheads they want. It's not a Congressional hearing, none of the deposing participants have subpeona power, and barring some significant discovery is ultimately worthless from a judicial point of view. The most that could ever come of these exercises is that some Congresscritter will drop it into the record or some blogger or board poster will attempt to pass it off as a supporting primary source.
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