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B Possible for a particle to diffract around a barrier

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    According to quantum theory it is possible for a particle to diffract around a barrier. Does this explain why I often seem to completely miss a tennis ball? Explain why or why not?
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    No. You and your tennis racket and the tennis ball are way too large for quantum diffraction to be significant.
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    By the way, you labeled this thread as "A", advanced. That indicates a graduate level understanding of the subject matter, which does not seem to reflect your actual understanding. I have re-labeled the thread level to "B".
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    As already stated this has nothing to do with QM :smile:. Tennis is pretty difficult, but fun. I think you have to train more. And observe the ball more accurately (sorry, I could not resist).
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    Its not a diffraction phenomena because there is no quantum tennis field.

    it's about the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. I have lots of experimental tennis data to prove it.

    The establishment won't publish it tho.
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