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Possible formula for expressing entropic quantum gravity cosmologically?

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    Sorry, I keep having naive little ideas lately! Humour me anyone if you so wish..

    If you took the estimated mass of luminous/energetic bodies estimated in the observable universe (galaxies & black holes etc), disregard dark matter/energy, and make that each galaxy/observed mass can for convenience act as single mutually repulsive particles in a system;

    What sort of value would you get for Lambda as an exponential if you took (E=mc^2 / the averaged point masses) / (distance to the edge of OU in LY / by planck's constant)?

    Does that make a lick of sense? I'm still thinking about it, dont be too cruel! :P
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    Ok, you can include dark matter, as long as you call it "perfectly explainable matter" - PEM.
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