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Possible to Double Major in Aerspace Eng. and Astrophysics?

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    I'm a 2nd year college student currently studying Aerospace Engineering. I love Engineering but I'm slightly more passionate about Astrophysics and Astronomy related stuff. Is it possible to double major in Aerospace Engineering and Astrophysics? I assume both majors share a lot of the same courses.
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    why don't you look up the degree plans for your school and see if you can fit all classes?
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    I'll be doing that tomorrow. Just wanted to see if anyone here could give me some advice.
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    You most likely won't be able to unless you want to be an undergrad for 6-7 years. Just because you like two subjects doesn't mean you have to major in both. You could always be an engineering major and study astronomy as a hobby. At my school the two majors share few courses, maybe just 3-4 math classes.
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