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Education/Degree added to posted profiles

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    I noticed that my profile changed to add the education/degree below the user's name, is this partially because of the "https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=514189"" thread here ?

    I think Zz's https://www.physicsforums.com/showpost.php?p=3404598&postcount=4" was right on. As one suggestion leads to another, I would like to suggest his explanation should be required reading once before a newbie is allowed to post in a technical forum for the first time.

    This would save untold amount of frustration by the OP and the folks who work in the field in filtering and then responding to the OP's questions in an appropriate way. The cat and mouse game could be improved substantially, don't you think ?

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    Agreed (given a bit of editing)! Like a mandatory FAQ/policy
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    Not sure if making it mandatory would be good, it would scare some people off perhaps. Furthermore, I don't think many people would even read it.

    What I do agree on, is to make the post (edited a bit) an FAQ entry so that we could refer to it all the time. That is, if somebody posts something incomprehensible or something requiring a lot of background information, then the answerers could post a link to the entry so that they could read it.
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    Vanadium 50

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    What is confusing is there is a single entry for "degree you have" and "degree you are working on". These are usually different. :smile:
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    Congratulations for improving the system. I have been to the mentioned thread before and I am really impressed how quickly the reforms have been made. However this was to be expected of PF.
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    I agree with you. I'm not going to put down my education and degrees. :smile:
    Every science forum where I've been on doesn't require it.
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    We don't require it, it was just done in response to a question about how a layman can get a response in layman's terms. I don't think adding what your degree is in solves the issue. We have brilliant high school students here. We have people that might have gotten a certain degree 40 years ago, but they're specialty is in an entirely different field now.

    I hope you understand why I deleted your link to the ID site. I know your intent was to show how *credentials* don't mean you're not a crackpot, but we don't allow links to such sites.
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    Thanks Evo.:smile: I think you perfectly understood where I was coming from.:wink: I'm sick of the ID folk.
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    You have a point, Evo. Showing the degree doesn't solve everything 100%, but it helps a great deal. It doesn't matter how brilliant a high school student is, he will still not understand quantum mechanics on a high level (and if he does, we certainly recognize this from the question).

    The thing I'm a bit worried about is the attitude "ow, he doesn't have a PhD in physics, so he isn't believable" This is of course nonsense, but I fear a bit that people will start thinking like that.
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    I would prefer we go back to "what is your level of understanding", so much better than making assumptions.
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    Thinking some more about it, I changed my mind. I agree with you. Degree can be misleading, and any crackpot can fill in "PhD".

    Maybe there is a good systematic way of seeing what level on understanding somebody has, but this is probably not it :frown:

    It's the quality of the posts that matters, not the education level, in my opinion.
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    MM, VoM,

    If someone posted a degree they didn't have and unless they they are extremely smart to keep the charade going, they would quickly be sniffed out, embarrassed, and vetted by this crowd. I have no doubt whatsoever in that regard. If you feel uncomfortable posting your credentials, just remove them, pure and simple as that. I can only imagine it won't be long before people begin putting in absurd things for the two categories as well, just for a laugh, or as a form of protest.

    Rhody... :smile:
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    I agree that we will have no troubles smoking the people out who lie about there degree :smile: But the problem is more complex than that. There are a few things that could happen: somebody posts a degree that he doesn't have: ok, we will easily find out, but in the meanwhile he can post some harmful things.
    Or somebody knowledgeable doesn't have a degree: Hurkyl doesn't have a degree in mathematics, but he is more than qualified to answer peoples posts. Posting peoples degree kind of hits the believability of a person that's qualified.

    Furthermore, there are some high-school students out there smarter than undergraduates. So they deserve an answer on an higher level. But if we start looking at the degrees, then this will not be the case.

    The quality of the posts here should be considered. That's why the science advisor/homework helper programs are very good, because it only keeps track of posts here, nothing else.
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    I have a PhD in Physichemical radiobiological engineering science. I did 9 post docs, all at caltech, all simultaneously.

    I am 21 years old.
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    You won't be getting my vote for the humour award this year unless you have a degree.
  17. Jul 16, 2011 #16


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    Oh, don't mind that crazy pengy bird, BTW, peng-is-sauraus, how about some more copyright phrases of yours, you have me and Evo quoting you now, who could be next, Zz, or v_50 ? I doubt it, so keep trying, a little harder this time PLEASE !! MODS !! (Pengy-righted) Handle this troublemaker please... hehe...

    Rhody... :tongue2:
  18. Jul 16, 2011 #17
    You did 9 post-docs and you're still not a professor?? Wow, you're bad :rofl:

    By the way, I just won the Fields medal and the Nobel price of mathematics (which is invented especially for me).
  19. Jul 16, 2011 #18


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    Nope. Budget issues.
  20. Jul 16, 2011 #19


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    Evo, micromass,

    We can have our cake and eat it too. :wink:
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    When it comes to expressing my thoughts or assisting PF members,
    I feel it gauche waving my diplomas on every post.
    I liked our previous system where if members where curious,
    they could read about such information in our profiles.
    (for now, I'm not sure where I will note mine).
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