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Schools Potsdam university physics and engineering

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    Hi, first post yay!

    I would like to know especially from undergraduates what they think about Potsdam university physics and engineering double degree.

    http://www.potsdam.edu/content.php?contentID=D5F4E216767003A3CC24E613A43FAA8B [Broken]

    I graduated high school without taking physics or calculus so i went to community college and was taught somewhat of an intro to those courses. i graduated with a 3.6 GPA. my question is, is this program at potsdam decent enough for me so when i complete it i may attend a good Canadian graduate school such as McMasters or U of Alberta? BTW im canadian.

    I know little about both physics and calculus, i know i love them, but can anyone at all suggest any good intro physics and calculus with a few undergrade books?

    Thanks much,
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    im a high school student so im not familiar with that many books, but i recommend Principle of Physics 6th edition by Bueche and Jerde. Its an oldy, but i used it to prepare for the AP physics B test through self study and still ended up with a 5. plus, itll probably be fairly cheap considering its age (i got mine for just 5bucks!).

    If you want a calculus based one, u may wanna check out university physics 11th edition (by young?); its been getting pretty high reviews on amazon.
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