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Pre-Calculus or Math Analysis

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    High school freshman soon to be completed Algebra and Trig (B+), what's the next best choice? Math Analysis or pre-cal?
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    What exactly is math analysis? Can you provide us with a course description?
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    Yeah, what is Math Analysis. Give us a course description. What country do you live in?
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    Math Analysis

    Here is a link to Math Analysis for Loudoun County, VA.

    http://cmsweb1.loudoun.k12.va.us/50930428113614/lib/50930428113614/High%20School%20POS%202006-07.pdf [Broken]

    Are these tough maths classes really good to take in high school for engineering major?
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    they both cover prerequisites to calculus, seems hard to tell which to take.
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    math analysis

    math analysis prepares student for IB/AP calculus, while pre-calculus is prereq. for standard high school calculus. Therefore, it's an accelerated calculus class - that is my understanding.
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    Yes, it looks from that PDF like "math analysis" is the better course. It has a slightly higher prerequisite than pre-cal and is itself the prerequisite to the superior calculus BC course.
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    I think as long as you are willing to work slightly harder (which I bet you are), then you should take the "math analysis" course.
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