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Predicting the future using chemistry and physics

  1. Oct 21, 2008 #1
    In my physics lesson this morning my teacher posed a question. If we had a supercomputer that could predict the result of every chemical reaction in the body, could we predict what out reactions and thoughts would be in a certain situation. And if so, could we then predict how we would react to everything around us, then surely we could predict our future, by following our reactions. so does that mean that our life is already planned because of the reactions that will take place in our body, but surely that would mean we didnt actually make our own choices they happened because it was planned that way. We have to write an essay on this and i was just wondering what everyones thoughts were?
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    Your teacher basically wants you to write an essay on determinism. You might want to base your research around that.
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    thanks that helps,
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