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Preliminary stress and vibration analysis of turbine blade

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    helo guys,i'm new here hope to gain knowledge from this forum.i currently doing a project about design of turbofan engine.now i have to do preliminary stress and vibration analysis for the turbine blade.i'm not very good at stress and vibration and have search the internet about it but couldn't find any good reference about this.do anyone can recommend any text or reference book that describe clearly about this?your help is really appreciated.

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    Oy. If you're not very good at structural analysis and modl analysis, you sure picked a doozie of a project.

    Cut to the chase, there is no cookie cutter method for doing what you want to do. The process for analyzing turbine blades is complex due to their operating environment and very peculiar geometries. You can further complicate this because cyclic fatigue is the primary concern with turbines. It takes a lot of hours developing models and then extensive numerical analysis to get meaningful results. However, no matter how difficult, the basics in both areas still remain. For example, if you want to make a very long list (I do mean a LONG list) of assumptions, you can say that a turbine blade is, essentially, a cantillevered beam. Start with something you should have seen before. Then add complexety to your analysis in small steps.

    Stress analysis and modal analysis are pretty broad topics. I would suggest you do some searching for industry literature in your school's library and try to formulate your own approach with the help of your advisor. Once you get there you will be able to ask
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    Thanks for the reply.Actually, i with my other two friends were given 4 months to finish this project.this project really give me headache.I want to do the simplified calculation only due to limited time and i know it will be lot of assumption .anyway thanks for ur advice.. :)
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