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Preparing for College - Guidance

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    My university starts in September and I have nothing to do for the next two months. I have attached the list of courses usually taken in Freshman year.


    I already prepared for Calculus 1 in January using Thomas' Calculus. Any suggestions on how to prepare the Mechanics, Modern Physics and Linear Algebra with Differential Equations courses?

    Course descriptions (if you want to know):

    All the best. :smile:

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    Why aren't you taking Calculus II in Spring? You should get the calculus classes out of the way as soon as possible.

    Well, I'm not sure what the Calculus I course covers, but if it is the average Calculus I course then taking Diff Eq after only a Calc I course is a bit... weird.
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    Also what is your intended major?
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    Thank you, micromass.

    My intended major is Electrical Engineering possibly with a minor or a double major in Physics.
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    Course description of the Calculus 1 Course: LINK

    Also, here's the suggested structure of the programme: LINK (click on the "Structure" button below "Overview")
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    Then why are you taking two biology courses and two chemistry courses? Are they really all necessary?

    You should definitely remove one of either biology and chemistry in spring and take Calculus II instead.
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    Ok, that should be enough for the differential equations course.
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    You're right. I'll try to do that. Thanks. :smile:

    Any other advice?
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    You probably also want to take something like E&M as soon as possible (as soon as the prerequisites allow it).

    Am I right in saying you're taking biology and chemistry because you enjoy it rather than because it is necessary? Nothing wrong with that. But if you first start with college, you have a number of prerequisites to get out of the way fast, like intro physics classes and intro math classes. These classes will actually stop you from taking more major-related courses since they are prereqs by many or even all of those courses. So the priority is to get these things out of the way.

    Taking non-major related classes is ok, but not at the expense of crucial things like intro physics and intro math. Besides, you can always take them later in college, in your second or third year.

    Anyway, as for your actual question. You can watch Linear Algebra videos on Khan Academy. They're quite good, and I think perfect for something you want. You might complement it with "Introduction to Linear Algebra" by Lang.

    As for mechanics and other physics, you should probably look through a book like Halliday & Resnick.
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