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Presentation on Nuclear Reactors

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    Hi I am a gr.12 student and I have a project where I have to give a presentation along with 3 other group members. The topic is nuclear reactors, we have all the technical knowledge however we're not very good presenters and the teacher is a bit picky on that. So if anyone has any ideas on how to do a presentation, please post here. Basically, the point is you don't just use a point and talk about the stuff, you have to use visual aids, get class involvement and w/e, thanks!
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    Other than posters on the types of reactors and systems, there is not much one can do for visual aids. A model would be nice, but models are complex.

    Charts showing/comparing operating parameters like coolant temperature and pressure, or plants and their thermal generating capacity might be useful.

    What are the major sections and key points of the presentation?

    For example, the current 104 operating commercial reactors in the US are LWRs (69 PWRs and 35 BWRs). There were two fast reactors operating in the US, which were shutdown in the mid 1990's - EBR-II and FFTF.
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    yes I know how to utilize these types of resources to give good presentations. But my chem teacher is really picky and gives quite a bit of marks based on "creativity". So even if we do an informative presentation that educates the class, she would give a low mark because we're not doing some stupid skit which makes us look stupid. That's how high school works, I guess.
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