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Pressure distribution of buoyancy force

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    Let's say we have a solid cylinder which is fully submerged in water or any fluid having density lower than of cylinder's density. I want to find out how can we convert the buoyancy force in terms of pressure. Actually I am doing FE analysis of this kind of problem and software allows to apply pressure loads only. How can we find out the buoyancy pressure distribution along the radial hight of the cylinder. Cylinder is kept in horizontal position just as a submarine in water.

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    The resultant force from the pressure acting on the surface of the body is the buoyant force.

    The pressure at any point in a fluid is equal to [itex] \rho gh [/itex].

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    Which density we have to use here?
    is it difference between two densities?
    And what hight will be used here? what is the reference point?
    I have tried this, I don't think it is a correct way to do it.
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    The 'rho' term in the equation is the density of the fluid. The height is the point at which you wish to know the pressure referenced from the top of the fluid surface.

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