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Pressure regulator affect flow rate through pipe?

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    Good day to all, was wondering how a pressure regulator doownstream will affect the flow rate of compressed air through a pipe. Anyone has any insights on this? the pressure regulator is to reduce the downstream pressure but i'm really confused how the flow will be affected. For instance, will the regulator restrict flow through the pipe and cause a decrease in flow rate? Or will the increased speed of the compressed air make up for it.
    The supply of the compressed air is from a fixed speed air compressor.

    Also, by using a throttling valve, does this have the same effect as a pressure regulator?

    Thank you very much, any ideas and opininons are very welcome!
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    A regulator (or any other valve) will restrict flow if the pressure setpoint is below what the pressure would have been without the regulator there.
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    Hi Mr watters, thanks for your reply!
    Could you explain to me why this is so though? Does the equation P1V1 = P2V2 apply here? As the pressure drops, will the volume of the compressed air increase due to expansion?

    Thanks again!
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    Is flow rate at inlet of pressure regulator ( not relief valve) equal to flow rate at outlet ?
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