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Preview and message disagreements

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    Preview (hovering the cursor over thread title) shows half dozen lines, and an attempt at answering poster's question; when I open the thread I get a first post that's one line long with none of the preview detail. This thread was duplicated in HW help section --- is there something happening to duplicates when they're removed/merged?

    Quick edit, found the duplicate

    https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/hydrogen-bond-strength.784232/ [Broken]

    and it's got the same "long preview" but short when actually opened behavior.
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    I just get the actual post content as preview. Maybe some cache issue?

    And I don't see a thread in the homework section.
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    Just reloaded, and things are working --- we'll call it cache. The duplicate was in Physics rt. HW --- my bad.

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