Private tutoring - what tools / resources do you use?

In summary, tablets could be useful for student to mind map and annotate pdfs, but pen and paper is still best for most situations. Some people use Wolfram Alpha and Desmos, but I personally use a whiteboard and pencil and paper.
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Hi everyone.

Looking to get back into offering private tutoring in physics. (Mod note: changed "tuition" to "tutoring" here and in the thread title.)

I used to carry a few textbooks with me and my paper notes with lots of printed exam papers for student to try.

I am looking to go paperless. Would a tablet computer with stylus support be useful? I was thinking I could annotate exam paper pdfs. If I decide to keep some digital notes then stylus is really useful to write equations with. Does anyone have any experiences using tablets for tutoring?

Could be good for student to mind map then edit next session. Or is pen and paper best?

Thanks for your time.

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I think your idea is great .Ill also try it .
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I use e-books, e-docs, computer modelling, video, a whiteboard, and - almost forget - brains, both mine and students'.
Works pretty well;)
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If you are thinking of going back to Physics tutoring then explore online tuition too. It is catching up and you do not need to be tech savvy. I am teaching online and enjoying it too. You just need a computer , high speed internet connection and headset to conduct an online class. You save time and can maintain flexible timing too. No harm in giving it a try.
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Hi Andy...

How's the tutoring going? I'm looking into this too, and I'm also looking into online tutoring, but I haven't really found anything that seems substantial. The details are either scant, sketchy or non-existent. The one I did try was awful. You essentially had to sit at the computer and click the notices that popped up before anyone else did, and when you did get a 'student' it was some idiot that was just trolling. I think it could be a good business, but it would need someone that knows how to approach it properly.

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All the tutoring I have done was related to assignments, exams or homework. So I only ever used pen & paper. I don't get invited for "general" tutoring tutor.

I did use Desmos, Wolfram Alpha and Geogebra when appropriate. On my students devices.
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I think of tutoring as mostly having two phases: the model phase where I show the student how to work a given type of problem, and the coach phase where the student works the problem and I "coach" them over the spots where they are stuck.

A white board is my main tool, though the same things can be done with pencil and paper in a pinch for one on one. Usually, I am working with multiple students, so a whiteboard helps everyone see what is happening. The whiteboard also forces the student to copy what you are doing in their notes - drawing, careful steps, etc. When you write on paper they want to take the paper, but they learn better and follow more closely when they write it themselves.
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1. What is the main tool or resource you use for private tutoring?

The main tool or resource I use for private tutoring is a combination of textbooks, worksheets, and online resources. These materials allow me to provide students with a variety of learning materials and activities to suit their individual needs and learning styles.

2. How do you determine which tools and resources to use for each student?

I use a combination of assessments, discussions with the student and their parents, and observation to determine which tools and resources will be most effective for each student. This allows me to tailor my approach to meet the student's individual learning needs and goals.

3. Do you use technology in your private tutoring sessions?

Yes, I do use technology in my private tutoring sessions. I find that incorporating technology such as educational apps, online games, and interactive whiteboards can make learning more engaging and effective for students.

4. How do you track a student's progress?

I track a student's progress through regular assessments, reviewing completed work, and keeping track of their grades and feedback from their teachers. I also communicate regularly with the student and their parents to discuss their progress and make any necessary adjustments to our tutoring sessions.

5. Are there any additional resources or tools that you recommend for students to use outside of tutoring sessions?

Yes, I often recommend additional resources or tools for students to use outside of tutoring sessions, such as online practice quizzes or educational videos. I also encourage students to use their textbooks and class notes as a resource for further practice and review.

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