What is Tutoring: Definition and 63 Discussions

Tutoring is academic support provided by a master teacher; someone with deep knowledge or defined expertise in a particular subject or set of subjects.

A tutor, formally also called an academic tutor, is a person who provides assistance or tutelage to one or more people on certain subject areas or skills. The tutor spends a few hours on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis to transfer their expertise on the topic or skill to the student. Tutoring can take place in different settings.

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  1. D

    Studying High-Functioning Autistic Adult - how to find graduate tutors?

    English is not my first language (grammar in general is not an interest). For what it's worth, I am also fluent in Bulgarian and Hebrew. Diagnosed HFA, 37, employed in software engineering (learned that myself). Long time ago, I've chosen my purpose in life to study Electromagnetism...
  2. D

    MHB Free Math Tutoring Videos Focusing on Math Olympiad, Calculus, and High School Math

    Dear members in this nice community, Let me introduce myself first. My name is Derek Liang, and I am from Canada. I hold a bachelor degree in math education, a PhD in math from China and a PhD in applied math from Canada. I have more than twenty years of experience teaching and tutoring math at...
  3. P

    Asking the student to use a tablet in online tutoring

    I am tutoring a student on 7th grade math via zoom. I am using graphics tablet myself to write down my exposition. My student solves problems on his (paper) notebook and tells me what he wrote/how he thought it out and I re-write it on the screen and make eventual corrections. I have the...
  4. karush

    MHB What caused me to quit Wyzant tutoring?

    I believe that currently Wyzant Tutoring is the largest online service to set up a tutoring appointments for you First I was a member for 10 years saw over 200 students almost on a weekly basis and got an overall 4.9 rating out of 5 so that was quite awsome I made over $12000 The...
  5. magnetic flux

    Tutoring medical students for their physics exam

    I am a pure physicist (M.Sc.) and on the side I do tutoring. Right now I have medicine students who have to take a physics course as part of their curriculum. Their course consists of one lecture (2 h/week) and a lab course with 10 experiments. The exam in the end are 20 questions where only the...
  6. L

    Job Skills Online Physics Tutoring advice

    Hello! I have a B.S. in Physics with an emphasis in Physics Education Research, and have recently been considering tutoring lower level physics students online. During my degree, I tutored at my university and I've also had experience teaching English as a Second Language. I'm not overly found...
  7. Robert Wilson

    Maximizing Earnings as an Online Tutor

    How much can i earn tutoring online?
  8. FallenApple

    How much to invest in tutoring business?

    I'm in the Bay Area currently and not sure exactly how the market works here. How much money should I invest in advertising to get say 10 students at a rate of $50 an hour? Seems risky, but probably worth a shot. I'm taking ballpark here, not exact figures. I just want a discussion because I...
  9. M

    MHB Is tutoring college students a lucrative option for part-time work?

    Tutoring on a part-time basis is a nice way to make money. Someone once told me that tutoring grades 1 to 12 brings in more money because parents want their kids to learn. College students are a different breed, so to speak. For the most part, college students seek short-term tutoring. Also...
  10. dkotschessaa

    Math Part time: Tutoring vs. Teaching

    I've asked about community college teaching before, or really anywhere that will work with someone with a Master's degree. My understanding was that it does not pay well and is more kind of 'for the love of it' type of a thing. I am actually open to that, because I do love it, and I think it...
  11. The Bill

    Algebra Resources for tutoring high school algebra

    I may be doing Algebra I tutoring for high school students soon. What are some good resources for exercises and intuitive/novel explanations for topics some students find sticky, etc.? One resource I'm sure I'll be using is the Schaum's Outline of Elementary Algebra, 3ed. What I'd also like is...
  12. ChrisVer

    Tutoring C++ in HEP: Challenges & Common Questions

    Hi people, This semester I am going to be a tutor for a master course class on C++ in HEP... I would like to listen from people with more expertise on the field: 1. What do students find (in general) difficult to understand in C++ from your experience with teaching it? In my case I think the...
  13. TJM-Ex-Op

    Advice sought for a first time tutor

    Dear PF nation, I did some searches and found some posts related to my questions but I thought I'd post for additional detail. I offered to help a HS student with non-calc physics. The student is a family friend and I'm not charging for this. I've taught work related topics professionally...
  14. C

    Private tutoring - what tools / resources do you use?

    Hi everyone. Looking to get back into offering private tutoring in physics. (Mod note: changed "tuition" to "tutoring" here and in the thread title.) I used to carry a few textbooks with me and my paper notes with lots of printed exam papers for student to try. I am looking to go paperless...
  15. Dr Jon P Harris

    Looking for A Level Physics Tutors in the UK?

    I would like to make contact with others who perform A level physics tutoring in the UK, especially those who are online providers I have tutored AS/A2 students over a period of time and would like to share ideas and information with others doing the same Dr Jon P Harris
  16. Dr Jon P Harris

    Online A level physics tutoring

    Does anyone have experience on providing online (A level physics) tutoring from to UK to students overseas? I would be interested to hear from those who already provide these services
  17. M

    MHB Tutoring for voltage, charge, terminal voltage drop , temperature coefficient.

    I have several problems regarding this/these topics. Is anyone available to tutor me right now? Thank you.
  18. M

    MHB Tutoring in College Abstract Algebra & Real Analysis

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone knows of any legitimate websites (companies) that offer tutoring in college level abstract algebra and real analysis? If anyone knows any information or resources I should consider that would be great! Thanks in advance
  19. Bumpeh

    Math Tutoring: Refreshing Knowledge for Spring Semester

    Once the Spring Semester starts up, I'll be applying to become a mathematics tutor at my community college. I have good blessings for it from my Calculus Professor. I'll essentially be tutoring from basic developmental maths through precalculus and Calculus I. I've got the calculus down rather...
  20. hilbert2

    Online Physics Tutoring: Tips for Making Money w/o PhD

    Hi, I've been a physics PhD student for a year, specializing in soft-matter physics and elasticity theory. In spring I'm going to write a licentiate's thesis about the work I've done so far (in the Finnish and Swedish education systems, the degree of Licentiate of Philosophy is equivalent to...
  21. X

    Discussing Tutoring Experience in Statement of Purpose?

    Can it ever be harmful to discuss what tutoring experience you had as a undergraduate in your statement of purpose. I wrote 250 word paragraph how I was hired by a department at my university to tutor upper level undergraduate physics classes and what I got out of the experience. Do you feel...
  22. M

    Successful Online Tutoring for Physics & Math: Tips from Experienced Tutors

    There are times when I don't quite have the energy for my difficult graduate work, but I still feel like doing something physics or math related. I was wondering anyone here has had success doing tutoring online using one of the many available platforms that combine chat, video, and digital...
  23. B

    Tutoring Physics? (one bad experience, need to improve)

    So I am looking for advice from anyone really, especially ones from experienced teaching experience. I've been tutoring this past year, part time. Most of my students are very happy with me and we have a great tutor/student relationship. There was one student I met with only 4 times. Twice for...
  24. NATURE.M

    Question about Tutoring resume

    So I'm looking to apply for a few tutoring positions in areas of algebra, calculus and physics (high school level). And I was wondering on my resume whether or not I should include relevant courses I've taken in University with brief descriptions (such as Mechanics, Linear Algebra, etc.), and...
  25. L

    Is tutoring the right job for me?

    Hello, I was offered a job for tutoring and I'm just not sure if I should take the position, but I did pick up an application yesterday. I've really been considering it, not because of the résumé, or the money, but because of the overall experience. I will get paid, however, to do so. $10/hr...
  26. C

    Developing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Vehicle Dynamics

    Hello everybody, I am looking for some help from Native english speakers (or otherwise extremely good speakers), for a bulletproof grammar review for a research paper. The paper is about education and automotive engineering, so context is important and so the reason I post it here. If...
  27. L

    Maximizing Exposure: Tips for Advertising Yourself as a Tutor

    Any advice or general experience on how to go about this type of work? I've just graduated almost penniless and without any job/intern/etc. or grad program lined up after months of applying, I'm forced to do whatever I can find right now. I did try advertising myself last summer as I genuinely...
  28. K

    What is the average cost per hour for a professional physics tutor?

    I am a college student. I need to prepare to some kind of advanced physics competition and I consider hiring a professional physics tutor, not another college student. Can somebody suggest what should I be expecting to pay per hour?
  29. M

    A student I am tutoring has asked me to help him formulate a synthesis

    A student I am tutoring has asked me to help him formulate a synthesis pathway for the compound N-ethylpent-4-enoate. I have spent countless hours trying to determine the structural formula for this compound without success. I must be missing something so obvious... Like leaves in a...
  30. M

    Tutoring opportunity beneficial?

    Hey guys and gals, One of my professors enlisted my name in a tutoring program in order for me to work for the school as a math tutor, I will be paid generously however I want to know if it would be worth mentioning on an application for grad school. Or would it simply just be considered a...
  31. K

    How much should I charge for physics tutoring?

    I'd be tutoring a high school graduate in high school physics. His parents want 6-8 hours a week. What should I charge? I'm a physics major/math minor/chemistry minor in college. This is my 3rd year of physics, though I'm a senior. I would think $15 an hour, but I don't know if that's low or not.
  32. dkotschessaa

    Any luck with online tutoring?

    I'm looking to tutor this summer - but my options are pretty limited since I don't have real transportation at the moment. I live 2 miles from my campus, but they don't need me over the summer. I'm wondering about online places like tutor.com. Are they any good? I'm always suspicious of...
  33. M

    Giving Chemistry Tutoring: Tips From a 3rd Year Student

    I'm a 3rd year chemistry student and I put my name on a list of people offering tutoring, I stated that I can give tutoring to 1st years. I got a call a few days ago so I am scheduled to give a tutoring session. This is the first time I've done this so I don't know how well I can do it. I got a...
  34. N

    Tutoring University Student for First Time

    Hello, Next week I'm tutoring a university student for the first time (social statistics). There are only about 5 weeks left, so that's not a whole lot of time. We'll probably meet up 1h every week (but maybe more in the end if need be). I'm just wondering if there are any common pitfalls...
  35. J

    Math Tutoring for Electrical Engineers (EEs) Pre-Calc Level

    Hey all, I'm a part time math tutor, and have an aspiring EE as one of my clients. What kind of things should I focus on at the (pre-)calc level? thanks!
  36. S

    Tutoring: teach to the test, or for life?

    Hey everyone, I recently got a job tutoring a High School student in physics. I'm in fourth year at university. I've just had my first session, and I quite enjoyed it. Though I'm now very nervous about my student's upcoming test. I'd like to give some interesting physics related...
  37. S

    How much to charge for physics/math tutoring?

    I've got a few requests for tutoring, trying to figure out how much to charge. I have my B.S. in Physics/Math and I am currently getting a M.S. in Secondary Ed to become a teacher.
  38. A

    Maximizing Education: Credit vs Tutoring for Math & Science Placement

    I'm planning on continuing my education after about a ten year break. I originally got an AAS in criminal justice. Then I left the country for a long time. Anyway, I'm back now and I'd like your advice. I'm planning on doing some math and science classes at the local community college before...
  39. M

    Tutoring Algebra: Basics & Fundamentals for Beginners

    I have never tutored before and I will be tutoring this saturday. He received a D in his basic algebra class. What are some fundamentalls and basics that would be important to go over on the first day? Any opinions? thanks
  40. B

    Applying for Tutoring Position: Retaking Algebra Test

    I'm applying for a tutoring position at my school. I already passed the pre-interview and took the test (basic algebra). I did not pass the algebra test, because it was all stuff I haven't done in a few years. However I have a retest Monday, and this weekend to study. She wouldn't let me look...
  41. S

    Reasonable rate for trig/calc tutoring for college bounders?

    i am junior EE $10/hr with 2 hours min: underselling myself?
  42. C

    Help Tutoring a Friend in Calculus-Based Physics I

    So my best friend and I are taking Calculus based physics I together right now and are about at the half way point. I'm averaging a B which on the last test only 4 other people had. He is averaging an F, which is average in the class lol. Since he is my best friend, I've offered to help...
  43. K

    Is there an odesk / elance equivalent for tutoring math/phy?

    Tutor needed: Is there an odesk / elance equivalent for tutoring math/phy? Hi all, Im in my 3rd year at university studying physics and mathematics. However, I am now taking a year off from university to do self studying. My goal is to gain a deeper understanding of the subjects, as well as...
  44. N

    Tutoring someone who hates math

    Tutoring someone who "hates math" I just graduated from high school and have landed a job tutoring a 15-year old boy in Algebra 1. Some things in Algebra I just understand, and it's difficult for me to find alternative ways to explain them when he doesn't get it. Ex: 3x+5=10, solve for x. He...
  45. S

    Math Math Tutoring: Get Students & Earn Money

    I've been tutoring a few students from my immediate neighborhood and some family members for a while now and I was hoping to get a few more students. It's decent money and I sincerely enjoy it, the problem is I don't know how to really advertise my services. I feel like it's different than any...
  46. S

    (Right) brain sides and tutoring Math/Science (specifically Chemistry)

    Hello! I have been tutoring a friend of mine in high school Chemistry. This person goes to a public school in America, and the class seems to be stereotypically bad. Unfortunately, my friend is just barely not failing the class despite putting in the work that an "A" student would put into it...
  47. Gamma

    Helping High Schoolers with Physics: Tips and Tricks for Tutoring Success

    I am going to tutor a high school student. I had an initial meeting with him and learned that he is using Conceptual Physics by Paul Hewitt. During the initial consultation, the student had a few questions to ask. It was a typical problem where a mass on the table is attached to a string. The...
  48. Monocerotis

    Fair Price for Math Tutoring ?

    I'm currently looking for a math/physics tutor. What would you say is the average rate per hour for a math tutor ?
  49. turin

    Tutoring high school freshman - any advice?

    I will be tutoring a 14-year-old boy in high school algebra. I have never tutored someone so young (since I was myself in high school, many MANY years ago), and I am quite nervous about the "other" issues that we may need to work through. I remember having issues my freshman year of high...
  50. H

    Expert Tips for Tutoring Algebra: Avoiding Common Mistakes

    Im not a math master yet. I'm a physics major in calc. 3 at the moment and I am trying to help a couple friends in college algebra. They both have this conceptual problem of thinking they are "moving" stuff from one side of the equation. It is causing tons of sign mistakes and causing a lot of...