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Pro E Wildfire 4 video tutorials

  1. Jul 16, 2011 #1
    Can anybody help me with finding video tutorials for Pro Engineer Wildfire 4
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    Have you checked youtube yet? If they don't have what you're looking for I might be able to help.
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    They don't have them in order, I mean there are some random tutorials, uploaded by people who were good at making something, but for a beginner there isn't much. I was hoping for tutorials that teach somebody in order i.e. from basics to advance techniques, from easy to hard.
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    I'm not aware of a formal tutorial set for ProE like there is Solidworks. But even the tutorial didn't help me much until I understood the fundamentals of parametric modeling software.

    What's your understanding of ProE so far?
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    I do understand the basics up to some extent. I have worked in AutoCad (I am a student and not a professional) and also I have been taught Pro-E but it was too little. I mean just sketcher and extrude, revolve, blend, helical sweep, sweep etc. And a little bit of assembly.
    But I intend to learn Pro E into more detail, to become a pro. I can give it much of my time as I like it personally.
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    I like CAD softwares, and anything related to it. I mean if you could suggest me anything that helps in strengthening the basic concepts of such softwares and/or mechanical engineering. I deeply respect sincere advises.
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    If you have the basice down then it's really just a matter of practice. Unless there's a specific method or command you need to understand better, you'll learn more by just using the program and getting familiar with it than you would by watching somebody else use it.

    There are textbooks which cover ProE in varying degrees of detail to use as references.
  9. Jul 19, 2011 #8
    Thanks for the tip, and I have got some text (pdf) books, but I wonder if there are some standard ebooks or videos that helps making concept and understanding of pro e.
    The idea is similar to learn from a good teacher and from a comparatively better teacher.
    I am seeking the later one.
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    Something that helped me become "better" at CAD modeling is taking ordinary objects and modeling them. You'll notice a lot of the stuff you learned in class can be used in some way or another. Practice is key.
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    Of course, Practice makes a man perfect.
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