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Problem in determining the moisture content

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    Dear all chemist,

    I am a biologist and need everyone help to provide your advice in order for me to continue my research.

    I am currently looking for a formula to calculate the expected moisture content of a particular sample which will be flow through a tube inside the machine container. I have the reading of pressure which apply to suck the sample up from the tube end.

    The purpose to calculate out the moisture content is due to certain concentration is only able to be suck up by apply certain pressure, and right now I would like to figure out what concentration/moisture content of sample is needed for a particular pressure to suck up.

    May I know is there have any formula for me to calculate it out?

    Thank you.
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    Your question is rather unclear, and without knowing details about what the sample is and what you know about it is rather impossible to answer.

    However, my bet is that the answer is no - you can't calculate moisture content, but you should be able to determine it. Then finding an experimental dependency between pressure and moisture level should be trivial, unless fluctuations of the sample behavior are large.
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