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[Problem Solving] See if you can answer my question.

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    Here we go.

    Lets say SUBJECT 1 and SUBJECT 2 have a fight. They both have 990 Points. Each SUBJECT can hit a number from nothing (0) to 112. And they both take turns evenly. Lets say SUBJECT 1 starts to hit a number first and hits 20. Then the Subject 2 would be (990-20)= 970. And they all take turns until one of them gets to 0 points, and then the person who gets to 0 points first loses.

    Get it still?

    Now there is thing where SUBJECT 1 cheats and can always hit a number first before SUBJECT B. Lets call that PA (Player Advantage).
    Now there are times where SUBJECT 1 and 2 can hit numbers at the same time so their points get deducted at the same time.

    My question is: Is there any way to have a advantage to win the most out of 10?
    They do not know which number they are going to hit.
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    Your question doesn't seem to make any sense.
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    Hey Albert C and welcome to the forums.

    You should make your statements more specific by saying how the game is played in terms of dynamics. Does each player know the others number or not (like in Battleships)? Is the number generated at random or not at random? Does each player have to wait until the other has taken a turn?

    You need to outline these things before you can get a specific answer.
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    Well from what you've told us, the only way to have an advantage is to always play as "subject 1".
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    Subject 1 should be allowed to cheat since he's taking on 2 opponents!
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    I agree. What does it mean to "hit a number?"
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    If they both have 990 points each, and they hit the other player's points, it seems to me you should just hit the max points possible every time. Of course this is not much of a game since the first player always wins.

    However, the game is better if they share one set of 990 points. But then, it's still not great because as soon as you get to 224 points or less, the strategy should be to keep the points above 112. When that is reached, the next player just takes out the rest of the points and the other loses.

    Question, can you hit the same number more than once?

    This game doesn't seem particularly well designed.
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    No no, you cannot choose which number to hit, it is randomly generated.
    And they both have 990 Points.
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    It still isn't clear what controls who gets to play when. Who starts? If cheating is possible, what form does this take and what is there to prevent it? Why wouldn't a player always cheat? It seems obvious that a player should always endeavour to strike first.
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    If you can't choose the number, then is the only choice who gets to be player one?
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    Indeed... Doesn't sound like an enjoyable game :confused:
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    OP, if you give us the name to this game we could take a look at it on youtube or something to get a better feel for what we're dealing with.
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