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Problems transferring grades between countries?

  1. Aug 9, 2011 #1

    I study in the UK. We have a grade system here:

    40% = pass
    50% = 2:2
    60% = 2:1
    70% = 1st

    I have average mark of 78% and am the top of my year by a few per cent.

    I apply to Australian university for PhD, where their grade system is:

    50% = pass
    65% = credit
    75% = dist.
    85% = High distinction.

    They tell me my marks aren't good enough and shouldn't apply unless I have an average of 80%.

    How do I show them that my marks are very good, and not just ok?
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    What makes you think the 80% refer to the Australian system? You're probably not the first UK student to apply for a PhD at this university. Other than that: The obvious way seems to be writing a mail and explaining why you think your grade is sufficient.
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