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Engineering Process Safety Engineer Job Description

  1. May 21, 2017 #1
    Hello everyone,
    I'm interested specifically what Process Safety Engineer's job is like.
    Like, what you must handle everyday at work, what knowledge is needed, do you find it interesting or not (and why) etc.

    Thank you for attention
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    Look on various job hunting web sites for "Safety" or "Industrial Safety", "Health & Safety" or "Safety & Health", "Industrial Hygiene", or any of those types of titles. You'll find lots of job descriptions.

    I've been a part of implementing a company safety policy at two different companies. And now I teach an Industrial Safety course. My experience with this type of job function is that one must be a subject matter expert on safety practices, regulatory agency rules, people-influencing skills, a shrewd diplomat, and a paperwork fanatic. Every industrial company will state publicly that "safety of our employees is our #1 priority" and many times that is simply not true. After the serious safety incident, you'll be put into the meat grinder so one learns to protect themselves.

    "Process Safety" usually concerns itself with chemical plant-type operations that try to avoid another incident like Union Carbide's disastrous Bopal, India incident. Look it up.

    But I tell my students that for someone with the right kind of mentality and personality, there are plenty of rewarding and lucrative jobs out there.
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    Thank you very much
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