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Processes in Convection cells / magma intrusion

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    Yes this is a bit broader question but I want to know which processes play their role in movement of magma. If one wants to model magma movement through rocks, which processes should one not miss at all and which equations discuss these processes?. As a starter I can that we can use Navier Stokes equations for velocity fields, continuity equation for pressure distribution and etc.
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    Numerical modelling of magma dynamics coupled to tectonic deformation of lithosphere and crust

    I thought this paper would now be open access, but it isn't. It was written in late 2012. The references cited lists many papers that present alternative models.

    “How to Build a Volcano”: Followup from Dr. Ed Llewellin

    Laboratory for Geophysical Flows
    Collaborative Space for Experimental Fluid Mechanics
    Department of Earth Sciences | University of Oxford

    I haven't worked with magmas per se in a couple years and everything I read was printed out and not saved on the computer. I'd have to go through those papers to find ones relevant to modeling. Most of those are about Yellowstone, but the Yellowstone magma system could serve as a case study. I do know that the AGU journals, meetings posters and paper presentations can answer your questions. Go to sites.agu.org.
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