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Producing fusion reaction with x rays?

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    Would it be possible to produce a fusion reaction(fusing deterium atoms) using x rays instead of high voltages? Scientist are trying to create fusion using laser, which is just focused photons, but if you have energetic photons such as x rays, which would knock the electron of the deterium atom and excite it?

    If any of the concept I have stated is wrong, I apologize. (only in freshman year of high school)
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    Electrons are just spectators in nuclear reactions. The easy way to see this is that the energy scales are mismatched. The energy scale of electrons is eV, whereas the nuclear scale is MeV.

    To get deuterium-deuterium fusion, you need to get two deuterium nuclei moving toward each other at high speed, which you can't do just by ionizing the atoms.
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    When you ionize the deterium atoms, would it not turn into plasma, which is essential in fusing the nuclie.
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