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  1. L

    I Determining which energy level transfers cause peaks in x-ray spectra

    Hi all, I'm wondering how, for each peak in an x-ray spectra from a material (and using a crystal analyser), it is determined which energy level jump the peak corresponds to? How would you figure out the correct value of n to substitute into Bragg's Law to find the energy of the beam? Thank you!
  2. AndresPB

    Medical X-Ray Machines and Physics

    Good morning all, I was just wondering the following question. When an electron is accelerated it emits electromagnetic radiation, depending on how much it is accelerated the energy varies so the frecuency does and the electromagnetic wave emitted would be of different colors or maybe even...
  3. N

    I How to determine the energy of photons released in decay

    What equation would I need to use to determine the energy of photons released when radio-isotopes decay? I would like to figure out the energies of photons released when tritium and plutonium 237 decay.
  4. AndresPB

    I Medical Physics Question about the formula D(x)=alfa*mu*I(x)/rho

    Hello I had two doubts, I know that medical physicist when working with x-rays use the formula D(x)=alfa*mu*I(x)/rho where D(x) is the dosis absorbed Alfa is the factor of the energy that damages Rho is the density mu is the absorbtion coefficient My doubt is the following: Does this formula...
  5. Domenico94

    Machine learning and NMR

    Hi everyone. By reading stuff on the Internet, I found many times the correlation between machine learning and NMR, or, better, algorithms that are implemented for that kind of technology( The same goes for PET, or CT scans. The thing I want to ask is, how much do you think that the two things...
  6. Domenico94

    Graduate carreer

    HI everyone. I'm a student of communication systems engineering in Italy, doing his year of bachelor. What i wanted to ask, to all of you, was a doubt which I had during the last few months : choosing a carreer in Physics, or in Engineering, after getting my bachelor's degree in Engineering...