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Producing hydrogen using electrolysis while avoiding chlorine poisoning

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    I want to produce about ten cubic meters of hydrogen gas using electrolysis in my home. How do I make sure the chlorine gas that is also produced is not going to cause problems? :confused:
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    You necessarily need to use a chloride as electrolyte? You can use sulphuric acid, or sodium hydroxide as well (for example).
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    Hmm.... I *think* that sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda) electrolyte in distilled water. I think that is pretty safe. My next-door neighbor is a grease burner, and currently experimenting with a hydrogen producing contraption in his diesel truck.

    How do you plan to store 10 cu meters of Hydrogen gas?

    People say that creating enough hydrogen volume to be used as a fuel is just a waste of time, but for the sake of us as potential consumers, and the planet I would love to see someone actually pull this off...

    Best of Luck.

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    I want to make a small hydrogen balloon that can lift a few kg.

    So, instead of salt I just use baking soda or caustic soda?
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    Yes. However you would do it faster with a chemical reaction; I used Al + Na2CO3 (sodium carbonate = washing soda) in a big glass container, to inflate a small balloon (without weights attached). I used Na2CO3 instead of NaOH (or an acid as HCl) because the reaction is less violent and NaOH doesn't attack glass.
    To lift a few kg, a small balloon is not enough, you need a big balloon; I'm sure you can make the computation yourself.
    (Of course, be careful not to approach any flame or hot object to the balloon, even because the sealing is never perfect).
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    Producing hydrogrn gas


    I want to make gas ballons that can fly,using hydrogen gas ..so i want to use this reaction

    washing soda+water+aluminium foil..

    But i dont know any risk involved in this and how much quantity to use..and before i had done this but the reaction was quite slow ..it took hours for ballon to get filled ..

    can i use this reaction in plastic bottle of pepsi or coke..or i need to use only glass

    imran Ahmed
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    I intended: "because Na2CO3 doesn't attack glass."
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    You can use the container you prefer, provided it's not attacked by the strong alcaline solution, it sustains an increase in temperature due to the reaction, it's preferably transparent to monitor the reaction, preferably with no too thick walls to cool it quickly in case the reaction goes too fast and preferably made of something which could be heated, in order to accelerate the reaction if needed, or to accelerate its beginning.
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    hydrogen gas

    is there any safe form of producing hydrogen gas by electrolysis without any adverse affects. so you would run vehicles that first are filled with water, battery starts engine, engine starts electrolysis, as well as top up the battery (plus storage tank contents remaining of h2 of previous drive out)
    h2 is then created and stored in a safe container,and pumped to the engine
    so energy from the engine feeds the battery generates h2 runs the vehicle and so on
    thus eliminating need for hydrogen stops
    just fill up with water at your local station every few thousand miles ,and maybe purchase a new battery
    storage tank replaced every so many thousand miles for safety if needed ,along side
    anything else affected by h2 in the vehicle plumbing etc.

    just a thought = so no need for vast storage or transport of h2 problems
    all built into the vehicles instead
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    That would be a perpetual motion machine, right?
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