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Product of function and its derivative

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    Hi there

    Can someone please explain me this step when rewriting the Darcy equation?

    q = -K*h*dh/dx = -0.5*K*d(h^2)/dx

    I don't understand how h*dh/dx changes to 0.5*d(h^2)/dx

    Thank you.

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    I have tried to seperate variables, integrate on both sides, and then differentiate with regard to x:

    q = -K*h*dh/dx
    q dx = -K*h*dh
    int q dx = int -K*h*dh
    q*x = -0.5*K*h^2
    d/dx q*x = d/dx (-0.5*K*h^2)
    q = -0.5*K*d(h^2)/dx

    Is that correct?
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    It's just recognizing the chain rule and reversing it:

    [tex]\frac{dy^2(x)}{dx} = 2y(x)\frac{dy(x)}{dx}[/tex]
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    Wow, that took me a long time to understand :-) Thank you.
    Would my suggestion, though much more awkward, still be right?
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