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Homework Help: Product of spectra by diffraction gratings

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    1. Explain the physical principles of the production of spectra by diffraction gratings. include production of zero, first and second order spectrum.

    2. Relevant equations

    3. The attempt at a solution
    Diffraction and interference?
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    please reply soon.
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    You need to show some work, or at least give us a hint that you've thought about the question before we can help you. So what have you thought about? As a starter, what's a spectrum, or a diffraction grating?
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    ok. A diffraction grating is a piece of glass, metal (or plastic)with many, equidistant, closely spaced lines ruled on them by a diamond point.
    >The lines scatter light while spaces between them transmit light and act as slits.
    >Diffraction occurs at the slits which behave as sources of secondary wavelets, that superimpose beyond the slits.
    > constructive interference occurs with wavelets at different directions corresponding to bright bands i.e the spectra of light.
    >a spectrum is a series of adjacent images of the filament formed by the constituents colours of white light.
    these are the basics i know.
    >i know the angle at which the components of light emerges from the grating correspond to a particular order.
    so can u please help me with the rest and jus make everything clear in my head for me?
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    waves is the only topic in physics that just doesn't click in my head. i need to understand this to get a scholarship! :(
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