Production process theory/equations (Industrial Engineering help)

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Anyone know of some theory or equations to smooth out a 5 stage production sequence? I don't even know what the proper terms and jargon is otherwise I would just google it.

Why don't I have an in house industrial engineer? Because its not a factory its a financial industry what I manage seems to mimic an industrial manufacturing process.

We seem to yo-yo between inequalities in the "production line" at the front end, and then the back end is starved...we speed up the back end and the front end is starved...(if that makes any sense to anybody)

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You should research "Lean Manufacturing"

Also, Remember every end item needs to be sold and shipped immediately. Then, you want to pull the work through the production line not push. This way you reduce excessive work in process (WIP) and inventory to the minimum.

Also, look for non-value added tasks and eliminate.

Do this and you will end up with an effective and optimized production line.
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Hey thanks Gannet! - I am going to hazard a guess that production leveling from lean manufacturing is what I'll start looking into lol

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