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Profession of Dr. Emmett "Doc" Brown

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    Hi there,

    If you look through the trilogy of "Back to the Future" you come across many devices of Doc Brown. He's officially a physicist with theoretical knowledge, he's always claiming to conducting experiments, and he's great in building things...obviously. First question: what branch of physicist is he probably?
    Now, I know that a physicist is expected/can/might (depending on branch) be able to build technical things, but when we look at all the stuff he's doing, I have my doubts that a phycisist would be able to build all this without profound expertise in engineering - of course, while being not at that level, I personally don't know what a Dr. in experimental physics is able to build beyond/or not beyond the level of an engineer. So, just by looking at all those devices with wires, electronics, remotes etc. I assume he's more of an engineer than a physicist - of course with very good physical knowledge about time and space and general relativity. What's your opinion?
    Second question: What kind of engineer would he most likely be? Due to the above opinion and looks from the devices I expect him to be an electrical engineer and assume that an electrical engineer learns the mechanical stuff that is necessary to build simple mechanical devices, like the mechanics of a robotic arm to feed his dog (while mechanical engineers the whole variety of materials inside out).


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    He's an omniscientist
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    Damn. I clicked that link thinking I would find the answer to what I want to do for my master's thesis :|
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