Program that accelerates video play speed and keeps audio at normal pitch

  1. I've been interested in this function Youtube offers on videos ever since I first used it a few months ago. It's amazing. Some videos are just way too long. The speakers will have something very informative to say, but they'll just ramble and/or speak very slowly. For some reason, Youtube only offers this feature that speeds up a video while keeping the audio at a faster rate yet at a normal pitch on some videos. I was hoping there was some program out there that would allow me to do just this.

    Thank you
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    Adobe Premiere includes the ability to change speed without changing pitch or vice versa in videos, but it's somewhat expensive. I'm not sure what other video editting programs have this feature.
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    Are you looking to do this to someone's video you're watching, or are you looking to do this to a video of your own you're producing?

    The latter is possible, I doubt the former is.
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