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Programming for research physics

  1. Sep 8, 2012 #1
    I'm applying for some REU's later on this year and I'm wondering whether knowing a programming language is necessary, and if so what book(s) I should get to learn. Also if anyone else has done an REU, is there any other skills or outside school actives I could do to increase my chances of being selected?
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    Programming skills will be huge with a doubt. You don't even need a book to start, there are countless websites that have information for every language out there. Pick a language and start. The skills you acquire from one language will transfer to another. Any of these will work: C++, Python, C, or Java. I would recommend studying numerical analysis along with a language because I would guess if you do end up getting a REU you'd be doing something along these lines.. Or maintaining the broken down equipment.
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    Any recommendations for an numerical analysis book?
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    Look at Numerical Recipes in C/C++/Java/Whatever
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    Some still program in FORTRAN, now F95 or F2003, or C++.

    There is still a lot of legacy code in F77 and F90.

    Python scripts and Java are often used for supporting programs to FORTRAN or C++ executables.
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