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Programming in FORTRAN - Begginer

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    I've to do a program which read "N" pairs of points and print the points which are contained in a two dimensions quadrilateral domain with vertices on (2,2), (2,5), (7,5) and (5,2),

    Can anyone help me?

    Thanks for the atention and patience.
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    Can you explain a little more.
    Got it!

    I'm lost there.
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    The program should identify which of the N input points are inside or on the boundary of the quadrilateral you described, right?

    If that's right, the y values of the points have to satisfy 2 <= y <= 5. For the x values it's a little harder. The x values have to lie between 2 and the x value on the line that joins the points (5,2) and (7, 5). Find the equation of this line and write it as x = ay + b.
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