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Programming seems to get harder as you go farther in it

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    Computer Programming seems to get harder as you go farther in it. Although you understand it pretty fast once youve been programming a certain way for a while. Im learning to program in high school right now, and some of the projects i get take me four or five days to figure out. Like one im stuck on now is having an application for vb.net use the financial.ddb method. I think its super hard.
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    Re: Programming

    Yeah, it's true that computer programming can take a long time. However, it's usually really fun and rewarding. You have the power to create applications that actually do things on computers.

    Once you program more you will get better at it. The biggest thing I learned is how to look up answers to problems that you are having. When you start programming in one language, you don't realize what the syntax is, or which control structures to use, or when to make helper functions. But as you go along, you learn that different languages have different pros and cons. By identifying these you start learning how to google specific features that help you finish your programs.

    A really good way to get better is to read other people's code. Go online and google different projects and look at the source code. See what they did and why they did what they did. This way you learn what your limits are, and you learn good techniques, and learn to avoid their mistakes.
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    Re: Programming

    With the possible exception of trying to mix .Net and MFC code to display a simple *#$%#&** picture like I just wasted a day doing.
    Programming is great for people who have a huge tolerance for frustration.

    Of course when something works :biggrin:
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    Re: Programming

    Computer programming becomes easier (vastly easier) the more you do it. I've been programming for almost 20 years (gasp!), and I can pretty much make a computer do anything I want it to do with very little frustration.

    If you're interested in it, keep at it -- you'll be great soon enough.

    - Warren
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    Re: Programming

    The hardyness of programming is to learn the way of that "programming logic". For example I have applications in C,C#,Java, Python and all of them are logically same to me...all of them are either uses procedural or OO programming. You think in the level of programming logic.

    However when working a lang that uses totally different methodology and approach to programming like Prolog, i stuck at it because it uses a very different programming logic besides the ones we are similar with.

    Its hard to adapt a new methodology
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