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Progressive tint car window glass

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    Do any of you design engineers or informed laymen know why progressive tint window glass like that found in eyeglasses is not offered as an option? Aftermarket provides tinted glass but not progressive tinting.

    I must wear tinted glasses outdoors due to light sensitivity so I wear progressive lens. It would be great to have that in my car.

    Anyone know anything about it? Thanks.
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    Probably costs too much. Or maybe it isn't practical in the size required due to the manufacturing process...dunno for sure...

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    Progressive-tinted windshields have been around for ages, though the tint usually stops a little higher than the average driver's line of sight. Sometimes its a rather narrow band. They are rarely very dark though, probably to avoid interfering with the drivers' views of overhead traffic lights.
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    Turbo, I know what your talking about, but I "think" the OP is referring to the type of tinting used in "transition" lens, where variations in ambient light adjusts the tint.
    Like stewartcs said... probably too expensive.

    Also, might be a safety hazard.
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    Full tints could be a real safety hazard, yes, if it gets too dark. However, dark window tinting is common in strong sunlight areas of AZ, SoCal and all of the South. I see lots of cars with full tints there and even in the SF Bay Area, though I suspect that most around SF are done to drive alone illegally in diamond lanes and to give drivers a better chance of getting away with it. However, what a bad safety hazard at night!, and I strongly suspect that it may not be legal here, but what does that do to stop people these days? Not a thing, in this new America.

    No one here has really aswered my question about progressive/transition tint. No one here in automotive design?
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    I directly answered it (although it was an opinion). :wink: Unless you had some other intent by asking why it isn't used.

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    The percentage of tint vary per state. Free Legal window tinting limits for cars and quotations are available for free at www.TintBuyer.com . They provide information about tints such as types, prices, laws involved in every state and help locate the best window tinters near your area. I hope this would be helpful. thanks :)
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    I don't know if this is what you are asking about but there is a product called 'smart glass' that is relatively new on the market. I understand that there are buldings that have installed it. Its use is to help with energy saving in cooling. It is a three layer glass product with a vanadium compound for a center core with plain glass as the two outer sides. A variable electrical voltage is applied to the vanadium core causing the glass as a whole to variably change its opaqueness. I don't know if this has been used in some 'concept' cars or not but I am sure if not, it will be soon.
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    I don't think that the DOT (Department of Transportation) would approve "smart glass" for vehicle windshields.
    What if something went electrically wrong, at 65 mph's(or at any speed), and the forward viewing windshield turned opaque.
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    Well, I wasn't really commenting on the merits of the glass - I was just trying to tell bobbobwhite that there was such a thing. He asked, "Anyone know anything about it?" I can think of a few ways that it could be made perfectly safe for automobiles, and I am sure there would be other ways that I haven't thought of. But...that wasn't the question.
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    Before anything, I would make sure to explain your situation to whoever will be applying the tints. More than anything (think many of you will agree), these circumstances need to be considered on a case-by-case basis. A lot of people going for car tinting tend to forget about asking questions thoroughly (to an expert) to decide what they really want.
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    Some window tint is not allowed in some states, like here that thet only allowed 15% tinted!
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