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Projector will not do widescreen from computer

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    Here is the wierd thing... when my computer is connected to my video projector (epson movie mate 30s) it will do widescreen as it posts but as soon as it gets to windows it locks in a 4:3 ratio.

    What gives here? Ive scanned my video card settings for some sort of toggle but cant find any. Even when I select a widescreen resolution it still projects 4:3 but then its all scruntched together.

    Any clues?
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    Post runs at the base resolution 640X480 @ 60hz.
    When windows loads the video card device drivers a switch is made to the settings shown in control panel.
    If your video card allows it you could try the 854x480 setting.
    Also refresh rate could be a factor.
    Try resetting the video card refresh rate to 60hz.
    Use the "Advanced" button on the "Settings" tab.
    Then select the "Monitors" tab to set this.

    Your projector specs
    Resolution: Native 480p (854 x 480)
    Aspect Ratio: Native 16:9 widescreen; Compatible with 4:3 and letterbox with Zoom, Normal and Stretch Modes
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    Yes! That was it!! I lowered the refresh from 85 to 60 and its working great! I am currently typing this on a 25 ft wide wall. the distance from here "X" to here "X" is almost 2 feet.

    using 1280 x 768

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    I want a projector. :(
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