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Prolonged contact between HCl and alkanes

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    I've verified that there is no obvious reaction between hydrochloric acid and simple alkanes (roughly C4-C12) over short timescales; they simply settle out with the heavier HCl on the bottom and the lighter hydrocarbons on the top, with no apparent heating or changes in general properties (as anticipated). However, are there any reactions on the scale of hours to weeks or more, if the solution were stored (closed polyethylene container, pressure release, not purged with an inert gas)? Nothing comes to mind, but I'm just wanting to make sure I'm not missing anything.

    Also, would the expected rate of outgassing from the HCl be suppressed by having a layer of hydrocarbons on top of it (as water evaporation is hindered beneath a layer of oil), or would it remain pretty much unchanged?
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    Nucleophilic substitutions of branched members of families for n > 3 can be expected.
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