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Propeller Thrust

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    Is there some equation i can use in order to approx. find the trust created by a prop at a known RPM??

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    prop websites normally have this graphed, though as you may know, static thrust is different than dynamic thrust.

    I designed an airplane and competed with it once.

    Attached is my teams report. You may find some interesting information in this document.
    Pg 24 talks about thrusts and stuff.


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    You can look up the propeller efficiency. You need to know this number, along with the velocity and HP of the engine to calculate the net thrust.

    Page 396 in Raymers book, "Aircraft design" by the AIAA explains this.
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    Actually, that's proprietary information they don't give on their websites. I've had to call up the engineers at McCauley to get this information.

    I think you are talking about model airplane propellers, whereas I am talking about propellers for FAA certified aircraft 2000lbs+.

    Nice CAD drawing. All in all, looks like a very fun senior design project (if that's what it is).
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    yes, i was talking about models :).

    and yes it was a senior design project. was a lot of fun lol
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    Agree, energy method is very useful at initial sizing and that suits you case.
    But make sure you get the loading rate that's a good problem.
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