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Calculate Propeller RPM from Motor No Load RPM

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    Hello I am wondering what the relation between motor rpms and propeller rpms. I know that once you put the propeller on you are going to lose some of that speed due to drag and weight of the propeller.

    Battery: 10 Cell /37V
    RPM: 231kv
    Max current: 80A
    Watts: 2960w
    No load current: 37V/1.47A
    Internal resistance: 0.028 ohm
    Pole Count: 24
    Weight: 849g
    Diameter of shaft: 10mm
    Suggested ESC: 120A 10S Compatible
    Suggested Prop: 21x13 APC-W

    So this shaft maximum rpm would be 231 * 37 = 8500 rpms.

    So if I put that prop on that they suggest what would the rpms be of that propeller and how would I go about figuring those numbers out so I can do this for multiple motors. I need to know what the maximum thrust output is to find the most inexpensive motor that has the highest thrust output.

    So to sum up is there a mathematical way to figure out the rpms of a propeller with the propeller data and the shaft rpm of the motor so I can calculate the maximum thrust that the motor and prop I choose will put out?

    Thanks for the help guys I hope you under stand what I am asking

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    The motor and propeller have performance curves: you will need to find where they cross.
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    Sadly it's hard finding data on model aircraft props. You also need to factor in the flying speed as they unload as the plane accelerates. I've always had to buy several props an experiment.
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