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Proper likelihood function of the ratio of two spectra

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    Hello PF'ers,

    I am doing an unbinned likelihood analysis where I am analyzing the ratio of two spectra:
    \[ \frac{S_{1}(E)}{S_{2}(E)} = F(E) \]

    and each spectra,

    \[ S_{1}, S_{2} \]

    has its own data set. My first idea was to take the function, \[ F(E) \] and divide by the integral of the function to get a probability distribution but I am unsure how to input my data. If this was binned, it would be straight forward but in the unbinned case, it has stumped me. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks a bunch!
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    Stephen Tashi

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    What is a likelihood analysis? (I've heard of maximum likelihood estimation and likelihood ratio tests.)

    Things dealing with likelihood require a probability model. What is the probability model for you data?
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