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Properties of Light and its Relationship to Strength

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    I am curious to know using scientific information what color lightsaber is the strongest? I have done some minor research and cannot figure it out on my own. I have come up with that violet produces the highest frequency while red produces the lowest frequency. Using Planck's Law E=hv I gather that violet would have the most energy. I have also come in conflict with intensity that seems to show around 500 nm is the highest (I will provide a link to where I found this information).

    So what I would liked answered...
    a) What form of visible light would make the strongest lightsaber? Violet? Red? Yellow-Green? Other?
    b) What about white and black? (Yes I know black is the absence of color)
    c) Would another type of light be stronger for a lightsaber than visible light (i.e. gamma, radio)?

    Please provide an explanation with your answers.

    Link: http://fuse.pha.jhu.edu/~wpb/spectroscopy/basics.html [Broken]
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    Doc Al

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    You do realize that 'lightsabers' aren't real, right?
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    Yes this is a theoretical question. You could take out the aspect of lightsabers and still answer the question.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I don't think so - here are your questions:

    All three of these are about lightsabers. If you have a question about light, can you state it clearly?
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    Let me rephrase my above question so that I can be taken seriously.
    What visible color of light is the strongest? I am aware that strength is a vague characteristic when it comes to light so I most likely mean in terms of energy and intensity. In regards to energy as I previously stated, using Planck's Law E=hv I gather that violet would have the highest energy.
    Now I am unfamiliar with intensity or if it even applies to my question and if there is a relationship of intensity to energy but I came across this statement: To find the intensity, take the energy density (that is, the energy per unit volume) and multiply it by the velocity at which the energy is moving. I take it that there is a relationship to energy here since it is mentioned but don't knwo how it applies or if it can even be determined. Anyways I saw that at around 500 nm in the visible light spectrum that the intensity is the highest. I do not know how this can be with violet having the highest frequency. Please compare the relationship between energy and intensity. Does one outweight the other when it comes to strength?
    I am trying to be as clear as possible and this is a serious question. If there is something I am unclear about please let me know what that is so I can explain better. Part C can be taken out of the question.
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    Yes I'll rephrase:
    a) What form of visible light is the strongest?
    b) What about white and black? Where do they lie in terms of strength? (Yes I know black is the absence of color)
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    My question was answered elsewhere. Thanks anyway.
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    Glad we could help! :biggrin:
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