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Homework Help: Protons along a magnetic field line

  1. May 7, 2015 #1
    1. A Magnetic field line has a length of 70,000 [Km], for this example all particles have an energy of 1.6E-27 [J]. Assuming all motion is parallel to the magnetic field line how long would it take to complete this cycle.

    2. M[Proton] = 1.677E-27 [Kg] , M[Electron] = 9.1E-31 [Kg] , E[kinetic] = 1/2mv^2, Distance = d=vt , J = 1 kg*m^2/s^2

    3. I'm stuck in the set up. I multiplied the energy given time the mass of the proton, then multiplied it by distance just still ended up with some obscene number with units m/s^2
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    Hello Andy, welcome to PF :smile: !

    Something pretty wrong here. Is this really the correct problem statement ?
    (Because then there is no cycle, so the answer would be: infinitely long...)

    And you aren't just stuck in the setup, but also in the dimensions.
    Just chucking a lot of stuff in a bucket, heating it and then expecting to get gold is naive.
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