Prove that the lim as x goes to a of sqrtx = sqrta

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can i get some help on proving this limit?


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I think it would be very helpful if you guys used latex

The question should be

Proove that [tex]\lim {x \rightarrow a} \sqrt{x} = \sqrt{a}[/tex]

And the first reply should be

start with

For basic things like this, latex only takes about a minute to learn and it VERY much easier to read :)


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In order to prove that "[itex]\lim_{x\to a}\sqrt{x}= \sqrt{a}[/itex], you need to prove that "Given [itex]\epsilon> 0[/itex], there exist [itex]\delta> 0[/itex] such that if [itex]|x- a|< \delta[/itex] then [itex]|\sqrt{x}-\sqrt{a}|< \epsilon[/itex]".

Start from the second inequality and show (using the above hint) that you can find such a [itex]\delta[/itex].

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