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Pursuing a PhD in Chemical Biology?

  1. Oct 6, 2013 #1
    When I started college, I was a biotechnology major. I found this major be a dumbed down version of molecular and cellular biology, so I decided I wanted to switch out of it and major in biochemistry and molecular biology focusing in biochemistry, the problem was that I had already taken two semesters of algebra based physics, and the requirement for that major was calculus based physics. I ended up switching to biochemistry and molecular biology with a molecular and cellular biology focus which allowed algebra based physics (it was very similar to the biochemistry focus, only differing by 3 courses).
    As I continued to take classes, I realized that I really like my chemistry courses (particularly organic chemistry) better than my molecular biology and cell biology courses, but don't get me wrong I still enjoyed the material. I also really liked my biochemistry courses (which involved a lot of organic chemistry).
    At this point I am on track to receive a BS in biochemistry and molecular biology with a focus on molecular and cellular biology, and a minor in chemistry.
    Will this be a good foundation for a PhD program in chemical biology? From what I am gathering, a BS in Chemistry focusing on organic chemistry with a minor in biochemistry may have been best.
    What I am really interested in is studying small molecules and their interactions and effects on the cell, for which a PhD in Chemical Biology is ideal.
    I'm expecting to graduate with a GPA of about 3.90

    Here is a list of the science courses I have completed and will complete:
    Calculus 1
    Calculus 2
    Physics 1: classical mechanics (algebra based)
    Physics 2: electricity and magnetism, light and optics, with a small amount of quantum + relativity (algebra based)
    General Chemistry 1
    General Chemistry 2
    Organic Chemistry 1
    Organic Chemistry 2
    Physical Chemistry: Chemical Thermodynamics (calculus based)
    Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry (calculus based)
    Inorganic Chemistry
    Transition Metal Chemistry
    Biochemistry 1: Protein structure and function
    Biochemistry 2: Metabolic pathways
    Molecular and Cell biology 1
    Molecular and Cell biology 2
    Molecular biology of the gene
    Developmental biology
    Cell Growth and Differentiation
    Principles of Immunology
    Genetic analysis
    Lab in proteins, nucleic acids, and molecular cloning
    Lab in protein purification and enzymology
    Lab in molecular genetics
    Analytical techniques in biochemistry
    Molecular and Cell toxicology
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